Millennials and Real Estate

Millennials and Real Estate

Ever considered a career in real estate?  “No”, you say?  “How can I make a difference by selling real estate?”, you ask. 

First off, you do not have to ‘sell’ real estate.  Selling something means you ‘own’ it.  Now if you are interested in buying real estate, fixing it up or owning it for a period of time to add income to your portfolio, then selling it at a profit (sometimes a loss) to start the process over again, that is selling real estate.  If that is what you wish to do, then I want to talk to you.  I can help you with the process.

On the other hand, if you want to “Help” people solve their real estate issues, then, and only then, may a career in real estate be in your future.  “What do you mean?”, you now ask.

Well, helping people is what this business is all about and real estate, in our country, is going to be sold, bought, re-sold, re-bought, re-re-sold, re-re-bought, forever.  That means you can help people find a solution for their current need, such as a starter home for a newly married couple or a place to open a new business.  Yet we also know that the newly married couple will most likely move one day to a different location to raise a family or follow a job, which means they need to sell their home so they can purchase a different one, in a different location, one which meets their new need.

That new business? It may soon outgrow its space, if they are successful, and need to find a larger place to operate, or find that a different location will bring in more business than their current location.  So, whether they are renting or own, who is going to help them find the “right” place?

You getting the picture?  Real Estate Professionals, those who know their market and know people in other markets are “THE” go-to people.  The real estate professional can help establish a current value (a whole different topic) for a specific property in a specific location which leads to quicker sales.  The real estate professional helps one or sometimes both sides negotiate a transaction to the benefit of both parties.

The Millennial age group is now becoming a major factor in today’s work force.  That means many years during which a millennial real estate professional can make a difference in their community.  So, what are the requirements of a real estate professional?  You must like people.  That is all.  Everything else is a matter of learning from someone who is already established and willing to share their knowledge and skill.   "Can I make a decent living?" you ask.  A real estate professional who is willing to work hard has the potential to earn more than ever imagined. 

A career in real estate provides many benefits.  1) You are in charge of business growth; 2) Providing Good Client Service yields rewards far into the future; 3) you set your own schedule; 4) There is no ‘cap’ on earnings.

EXIT Realty is a company that has re-invented real estate.  At EXIT Realty the emphasis is on strong real estate agents and offices.  At EXIT Realty, we believe that by working first to strengthen each agent, the team will be more productive and successful.  “We don’t believe that MORE is better, we believe that “BETTER” is better.”

At EXIT Realty North Star we focus on providing our agents with the education necessary to become successful and helping our customers and clients find solutions to their real estate matters.  Now is the time to learn how a career with EXIT Realty North Star will change your life. 

Contact Jon Niemeyer or Terry Pauling to learn if a career in real estate is for you.

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